Networks are our passion.

Since 2004, our network specialists have been engaged in designing, building and operating secure and high performing WLAN networks. In our daily business, we are focused on topics like Large Area Coverage, Network Access Control, Bring-Your-Own-Device, Guest Access and communication solutions for Public Transport. We are committed to provide our expertise to our customers. And how can we support you?






«Digitalisation» and then what?

Everyone is talking about digitalisation. This topic will still keep us busy for a good few years but nobody quite knows yet where we’ll ultimately end up.

WLAN in buses – 8 questions to Prof. Beat Stettler

Wireless LAN is a must nowadays, even in buses. Coach and bus companies who offer their passengers free WLAN clearly stand out from the competition. But how exactly does this work? STR Magazine (published by ASTAG association) asked our CEO, Prof. Beat Stettler, about it. Here’s an extract from the interview.