Guest WLAN at Basler Kantonalbank

Photo: Copyright MINT Architecture and Marcel Scheible Photographer

Basler Kantonalbank has recently started offering comprehensive guest wireless LAN (WLAN) in all offices and branches. The bank has opted for guest WLAN using a “private cloud” solution. To make this a possibility, an authentication platform for BKB has been set up in the AG data centres. There is a further WLAN network (SSID = Service Set Identifier) available in BKB branches, to which customers, guests and external employees can connect. All guest data traffic will be directed via a powerful security router to the redundant AG data centre. From there, once the terms of use have been accepted and the SMS code has been entered, the internet connection will be established on the authentication system (MPP). is covering the entire legal side.
BKB customers therefore benefit from powerful guest WLAN in all branches. In all waiting areas, it is now possible to check your current bank balance using the e-banking app, make the most of entertainment offerings or simply chat with friends.

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