Is your hardware fit for the future?

In June 2017, Cisco introduced the new SD Access network architecture.

SD Access integrates the software-defined networking approach (SDN) with your networks. What has been indispensable in data centres for several years now is now starting to reach individual workstations. In doing so, wired connections as well as wireless networks are managed and integrated together in a central system.

Set the course for the future now. When purchasing new hardware, ensure that it is compatible with the SDN approach. Start by integrating a DNA centre. The visibility and traceability of client quality is thus guaranteed since connection data can be tracked over a longer, retrospective period of time. When operating with clients on a daily basis, this overall view of their communication offers considerable advantage.

At WLAN-Partner, we are taking steps to make the most of SDN technology. It is very important to us that we know in detail how the technology behaves in practice.

We would be happy to show you where and how you can use SD Access sensibly. We will find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Why not contact us today? / +41 58 404 45 40.