Reference project

REQUIREMENTS: PostAuto is the leading bus company in Switzerland and transports more than 140 million passengers per year with approximately 2‘200 vehicles. As an innovative transportation company, they decided to provide their passengers with a highly performant and fast WiFi during their journey. The company searched for an appropriate platform that could be easily and centrally managed via a communication solution. A further key criterion was that vehicles had to be provided with real-time information. 

WLAN-PARTNER SOLUTION: WLAN-Partner was brought on board for this ambitious project to deliver a communication platform for their vehicle fleet and to provide a secure authentication solution. The solution considerably facilitated the passenger registration due to its single sign-on feature and fulfilled all the relevant legal requirements. Meanwhile, WLAN-Partner has also developed a proprietary, multi-tenant administration solution (RMS) for the equipped post cars (currently more than 1‘550 vehicles). The RMS empowers responsible staff to locate vehicles at all times, to get reliable information on the current internet usage and to query device statuses. Presently, nearly 35‘000 passengers use WiFi when travelling in the post cars.