Reference project

„WLAN-Partner has managed to fulfill our complex requirements and professionally implemented our ideas within a short time frame. The enormous flexibility and high stability of Wireless LAN at 80 railway stations are proof enough that we had the right partner for our ambitious project.“
Ralph Hochmuth, Project Manager, SBB


REQUIREMENTS: SBB planned to gradually provide 80 of the most important Swiss railway stations with Wireless LAN. They searched for a flexible platform which was easy to administer, granting passengers, SBB employees and companies directly situated at the station a convenient WLAN access. The solution should enable users to benefit from a straightforward, single sign-on registration, without requiring any additional administrational efforts. Moreover, the solution had to be scalable due to the rising usage volume and needed to strictly comply with the legal requirements.

WLAN-PARTNER SOLUTION: WLAN-Partner convinced the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) of their unique internet access platform called MPP. The platform is responsible for the registration of people using free WiFi at the railway stations and allows for the integration of several models with different access right levels. WLAN-Partner has also built and still operates the central internet access for SBB’s hotspots, always complying with the stringent legal requirements. Every day, more than 100'000 passengers use the internet access of SBB.