Reference project
Zurich Airport

REQUIREMENTS: Over the last decade, the airline industry went through a massive industrialisation and consolidation phase. To achieve the necessary cost-cutting targets, Zurich Airport has moved many business processes from paperwork to electronic devices such as bar-code scanners, laptops, in-vehicle PCs, smartphones etc. Baggage handling, flight operations, aircraft maintenance, passenger transportation all need online connections for data, voice and surveillance applications. Changing weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow impose additional challenges for high-performant network connections.

WLAN PARTNER SOLUTION: WLAN-Partner supports public transport facilities such as Zurich Airport in designing, engineering and troubleshooting their various WLAN networks. Starting with site-survey measurements, the optimal equipment such as access-points and antennas is evaluated. A stringent frequency design prevents interferences between the various WLAN networks of the different companies and applications. Once installed, performance measurements with the end user devices are necessary to assure the end-to-end service levels that the businesses require. Additional "WLAN tuning" is needed e.g. for applications such as the passenger train "Skymetro" which needs fast roaming between base stations while traveling at higher speeds.