WLAN Engineering

Are you planning a WLAN project and need technical assistance or expertise? We are the right partner for you!

First of all, we will define the appropriate usage model in joint efforts and summarize the technical requirements. Afterwards, our specialists will visit and survey the sites. They will define the optimal positions of the access points (pre installation site survey) and consult you regarding the selection of appropriate antennas and ideal installation positions. Not to forget, it is very important to carry out acceptance measurements of the installation and the specifically used devices (due to possible, different reception characteristics). And last, but not least, the important phase of the roll-out and operation of the network.

Our core competences are:

  • WLAN hotspots at places involving a high number of users such as railway stations, airports (high density design)
  • WLAN solutions for external and municipal networks
  • An integrated and multi-faceted communication platform for busses and railways covering the internal communication and internet access for passengers
  • WLAN point-to-point links for the wireless bridging of large distances
  • WLAN solutions as communication technology for moving objects, such as train, etc.
  • WLAN solutions for barcode scanners in logistic companies
  • WLAN solutions for places with strong reflections
  • WLAN solutions for environments with stringent safety requirements
  • WLAN solutions for device-to-device communication (e.g. live streaming of surveillance camera systems)

We also establish site surveys without managing the subsequent network implementation.