Network Access Control / BYOD

The variety of network-compatible end-devices within companies has been continually increasing. As a matter of fact, this development has caused greater administrational efforts and raised several questions in terms of security. The installation of access control solutions (Network Access Control, NAC) has made it possible to control the high number of communicating devices and to provide an appropriate, fully automated network access.

WLAN-Partner recommends the all-encompassing Software Defined Network Access of CloudGuard to its customers. The innovative products MPP and Macman represent the core part of this solution. It is fully vendor-independent and unifies multiple access methods. Currently, it is one of the most flexible solutions on the market, optimally fulfilling the requirements of medium and large sized companies.

Brochure "CloudGuard's Smart Network Access"

We invite you to contact us for an appointment in order to discuss your specific requirements in a meeting. We would appreciate to professionally support you regarding your BYOD, Guest Access and Device Management project via WLAN. We are convinced to find the best solution for you.


Bring your own device (BYOD)

Nowadays, employees need to access their email/calendar and internet with their private devices. With the Network Access Control solution of CloudGuard and the professional support of our specialists, the implementation of your own BYOD strategy is no longer a big issue, even if employees access internal company resources such as file shares, ERP-Systems or databases.

Guest Access with MPP

Employees need a temporary and assured internet access which can be set up without any administrational efforts (self-service). The access, however, must be secured against misuse.

WLAN-Partner works with the MPP access portal solution of CloudGuard which allows users to be identified via a web browser. Individual authorization profiles and corresponding rules ensure an appropriate network access and save legally required data.

Device Management

To safely connect different devices such as printers, medical devices or private smartphones to the network is a common need in various companies. Macman, the innovative solution of CloudGuard, manages the individual and assured access for each device and reduces the administrational burden.