Public Transport Systems

A centralized and simplified management of different vehicle communication systems – a high-performance WLAN for passengers and employees in busses and railways - a fleet management system which informs you where your vehicle is located - is this maybe exactly what you need? In this case, we invite you to have a closer look at the passenger and all-in-one transportation enterprise solutions of WLAN-Partner.

Integrated Communication System

So far, vehicle systems (KIS, point-of-sale terminals, vehicle control systems, etc.) were totally independent and isolated solutions what afforded different routers and SIM cards. Managing such isolated applications was time-consuming and expensive.

The communication platform of WLAN-Partner connects diverse devices in the vehicle with the systems of the control center. As a result, devices can be comfortably, centrally managed and free capacities can be used to provide passengers with a reliable WLAN access. As a consequence, the number of required SIM cards, the hardware and thus operative costs can be reduced. Thanks to Dual-LTE, vehicles can be accessed with speeds of up to several hundred megabits per second.

Flyer "Integrated Communication System for Public Transport Operators"

Our white paper provides detailed information about our communication system for vehicles. To open the document, please request the access code here

Mobile Hotspots

Modern passenger transportation operators increasingly provide their passengers with high-performance and rapid WiFi, as a special service. Passenger registration, however, should be as easy as possible and necessary only once.

Providers of mobile hotspots choose WLAN-Partner for their experienced specialists. Not only do they give competent advice and render professional service during the project planning period, but they also know and consider all the legal requirements apart from all technical specifications.

Fleet Management

The Cloud-based fleet management system (Fleet Communication Manager, formerly called RMS) of our affiliate company onway ag  is responsible for the automated configuration, surveillance and support of the whole communication solution in vehicles. Via a central interface, the control center of the provider receives real-time information at all times. Thus, it can utilize the data network, control the current location of the vehicles and check the quality, mobile connections and conditions of the communication devices.

Flyer "Fleet Communication Manager"

We are pleased show you our fleet management system and its multiple possible applications.


Vehicle communication devices by WLAN-Partner

With the WLP2800 and WLP3800 routers, and our proven Integrated Communications Platform, we offer to public transport companies a complete solution for a stable network connectivity.