WLAN solutions for

Nowadays, hotels, restaurants, conference centers and fairs are fully equipped with wireless networks (WLAN) However, do these networks meet the ever increasing requirements of visitors and guests?

The productive use of visitors’ mobile devices is subject to a stable and fast internet access in all the areas of a building. In terms of planning wireless networks, aspects like structural conditions and a high number of users must always be taken into account. Capacity expansion (bandwidth) is the only means to simultaneously provide hundreds of users with an appropriate access. Furthermore, proprietary and business critical applications also need extended service levels to protect them against surfing guests.  

WLAN-Partner has been responsible for many installations, fulfilling all the specific requirements of each body or organization. We strive for excellence in our business and look forward to a new challenge. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements as well as other possible applications in more detail. We would appreciate to impart our knowledge regarding your WLAN project.