WLAN solutions for
Service Companies

The variety of network-compatible end-devices within companies has been continually increasing. As a matter of fact, this development has caused greater administrational efforts and raised several questions in terms of security.

To control the high number of communicating devices and to provide employees as well as guests with the appropriate and fully-automated network and internet access, companies search for sound access control solutions (Network Access Control, NAC). The innovative solutions of WLAN-Partner cover all the legal and safety-related aspects and reduce the administrational burden at the same time. We rely on our core products called MPP, Macman as well as the Sponsoring Portal of CloudGuard.

In joint efforts, we will elaborate the relevant measures that need to be taken for the operation of a secure and failure-free LAN or WLAN in your company. We render professional support during the whole implementation phase of your project. We keep our promise!