WLAN solutions for
Touristic Destinations

Nowadays, public Internet access is essential not only in the business sector, but also during leisure time and holidays. Surveys in tourist resorts have shown that tourists even expect WiFi hotspots as a service. Internet access via WLAN is particularly beneficial to those who have mobile devices without a SIM card, pay high roaming fees or whose mobile network does not offer good reception quality in this region.

With the provision of Public WLAN, you meet the needs of your guests and passengers.

Possible applications

  • Valley and Mountain Stations
  • Cable cars, trains and chairlifts
  • Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, sun terraces
  • Event and convention center
  • Snow and fun parks, meeting points of ski schools, event facilities
  • Mountain huts

How do you benefit from being a Public WLAN operator?

  • Image upgrading
  • Free advertising through user postings on social media platforms
  • Additional income though different price structures and placement of third-party advertising
  • Get to know the the customer by creating motion profiles, targeted surveys, loyalty programs, profit games, etc.

Why a professional Public WLAN?

  • Compliance with legal requirements (user authentication)
  • Secure data storage
  • No impairment of the security, stability and performance of the internal network
  • Central administration of the different user profiles and communication devices
  • Selectable user models (free/chargeable, limited in time, different bandwidths)

We would be happy to show in a non-comittal discussion, which additional advantages and possible applications the use of Public WLAN offers.

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